RG 1/144 #04 MS-06F Zaku II

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- The production model is here to support the overwhelming forces of Zion! The long-awaited production appeared Zaku!
- System with Real! Threat mechanism Gundam!
- RG ambitions by launching mass production continues.
- Ability to reproduce head three. Antenna, two captains (Sutabiraizataipu normal type) and
Head is attached for regular soldiers.
- Zaku Char] for the S-type, F-type armor fidelity.
- Improved retention of a rifle right, to give expression to Hirate poses (left), some new.
- MS Adovansudo joint adoption.
- Riarisutikkudekaru reproduction authentic texture.

- Accessories: Zaku bazooka, heat hawk, Zaku machine gun, rifle hand grip (right)
Hirate (left), pilot figure (standing)