RG 1/144 Zgok Char Custom

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- The 16th Real Grade- Char’s iconic red amphibious MS, the Z’Gok!
- Following the pursuit of realism and after historical research, the streamlined frame is designed to present as small a silhouette as possible to reduce water resistance and increase speed, something necessary for an amphibious MS.
- New Advanced MS joint designed with the flexibility to respond to fierce fighting on land as well as high dive peed in the water using the amphibious inner frame.
- Realistic details added
· Sonar sensor added
· Z'Gok’s sonar search can be used to detect enemy submarines in the water in order to better plan aquatic attacks.
- Drainage hole mold added, taking into account the amphibious nature of the Suit- a feature necessary to ensure accurate buoyancy measures while underwater, as well as ensuring that the Suit is ready for batter immediately after emerging from the water
- Spherical cockpit designed to withstand intense water pressures while submerged, and takes into account where extra armor is needed.
- Weapons designed as they would be in modern day.
- Armed with the characteristic Iron Nail weapon, these sharply honed blades are made to easily penetrate key points of enemy suits.
- Flexible legs allow four-directional movement underwater, propelled by the massive backpack. Foot mounted propellers enable on-the-fly direction changes while underwater, making this suit far more agile than its bulbous body would suggest.

Customer Reviews

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Aaron Goedhard
Alright build, harder to action pose

The arms and legs are have a multi directional joins this being this way the arms have a little trouble posing with the arm high, mid level it holds fine.
Comes with 4 and 3 spike hands.
No other weapons included which makes sense for this model.