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-A long-awaited plastic model of the main body [SOLIDIA] from the super-sensation-type high-speed fighting mechanical action arcade game [star and wing paradox], which is currently in operation at game centers nationwide!

-Based on the design drawings of the mechanical designer Ippei Katabe and the CG model for games, the proportions have been thoroughly pursued through careful modeling, and detailed settings have been reproduced without any details.
-You can enjoy the display in various active poses during the game with the modeling that achieves both mobility and proportion by the movable joints of each part, and the attached weapons and powerful effect parts.

-The face is partially painted, reproducing the finish close to the set image even if it is not painted.
-The shoulder joint introduces a complicated movable structure to expand the movable range. With a built-in gimmick that allows the forearm to move out of the way so that you can hold the weapon with both hands, you can enjoy various Solidia-like active poses.
-The left and right main wings of the wing unit can move flexibly, and the left and right binders at the center of the wing unit can also move up and down.
-The attached weapon [Fire Sise] reproduces the shooting mode and proximity mode by simply replacing the grip and effect parts.
-[Fire Scythe] The close proximity form of the beam blade faithfully reproduces the image in the play by discerning modeling and clear molding by Tehara type master.
-The 3mm hole joint on the waist supports various flying bases, enabling display in various poses.