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- Spin-off series [frame Arms Girl] latest in Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms] is [Bazerarudo]!

- The frame Arms [Bazerarudo] by Mr. Noriyuki Yanase design, Mr. Shimada Fumikane reblogged three-dimensional on the basis of the illustrations were beautiful girl of!
- For the back frame and arms armed, etc., it was raised to draw a new design for the frame Arms Girl by Mr. Noriyuki Yanase.

- Comes with five types of face parts that line of sight is different. (Tampo printed usually face the front, right, shouting face front, left. Tampo without printing face)
- Four types of face parts will finish close to the setting alone was assembled because painted a.
- In the face parts of the pad printing without, you can look reproduction of their favorite using the supplied decal.
- By which combination the slide movable hip joint, realized a wide range of mobile.
- Wrist can be expressive poses by adopting the axis moveable sphere joint.
- Wrist made of PVC is left and right, respectively six included. Wrist, including the joint, you can wrist and recombination of existing frame Arms Girl series.
- It comes with a decal such as a pupil and expressions.
- By presumed dead, switch part, a fully equipped state can be reproduced from the body state.
- The arm of the FA Bazerarudo to shoulder the other, frame Arms series can be connected to the arm portion extended parts comes the part of.
- Arm, hole by an existing MSG series of 3mm diameter, which is placed in the foot, can be used in combination of armed frame Arms series.

[What is the frame Arms Girl]
- The frame Arms Girl, will Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms] spin-off series that was `` beautiful girl of each aircraft. Color-coded molded color, by Tampo printed face parts, will be completed just teamed without paint.
- By the hole and made of PVC wrist of 3mm diameter which is provided to each unit, which is a feature of the frame Arms, and huge MSG Weapon Unit series, weapons of frame Arms series, it is possible to use the exterior. The head of each aircraft will be released future, arms, compatibility, such as the legs have also been secured, your own frame Arms Girl is customizable.