V.F.G. Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried

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- Variable fighter girls departure standby!

- [Macross δ], [VF - 31J Siegfried] who played an active part in the play appeared as a figure worn by a girl as a powered suit in Batroid mode!
- The riding position in Gawark mode, the fighter body of fighter mode is proportional to the real machine, reproducing the three forms which are the real thrill of Macross.
- Snapfit plastic model without adhesive, Variable fighter girls [VFG], it is finally off!

- Girl element body secures a range of motion without destroying an attractive body line.
- Various posing possible according to each form
- Reproduce the engine of the VF - 31 legs, deploy the engine nacelles at the time of batroid, incorporate the gimmick to fit on the girl 's feet, pursue the reality as a mechanism

- Snap-fit \u200b\u200bplastic model that does not use glue, it is easy to assemble.
- Color-coded molding and color ring seals are included. Even with no paint finished good looking.
- It is possible to reproduce three forms by part replacement and deformation of Battroid, a girl walking in a riding state, and a fighter, where a girl wears a fuselage.
- A girl element body that does not impair proportions even with a wide range of movements. Various posings are possible.
- Ideal decals are attached to 2 facial expression face parts and 1 unpainted face parts.