Sitara Kaneshiya Tenki ver. Karwa Chauth (Alice Gear Aegis) Model Kit (Limited)

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Limited: Currently Out of Print

-New collaboration game [Alice Gear Aigis] and [Mega Device] are now available!

-Popular actress [Kitashiya Shitara [Tenki] (Kaneshiya [Tenki])] is a plastic model with megami device specifications!
-In addition, [Present code] that gives you items that can be used in the game as an enclosed privilege is included!
-Kanetake Ebikawa for character and gear design, Pyramid for ace suit!

-Renewal of the body at Shitara Kaneshiya [Tenki].
-This is the first three-dimensional model with the エ ー ace suit` already implemented in the game.
-In addition, a new SP `Deepavali` and a new model` Surprised face` are included.
-The renewed eye prints by R66 maximize the original image.

-[Megami Device] is a pre-assembled plastic model series that you can enjoy by attaching weapons and armor to the movable beautiful girl body.
-The body adopted `Mashinika` by Maki Asai.
-This time, the ace suit is reproduced based on `Short Height Machinika` with proportions adjusted partially based on [Kitashiya Shitara Ver.

[Accessories / Gimmick]
-Comes with a special gift code for Shitara Kaneshiya [for exclusive use of Shitara Kaneshiya ★ 4 gear set, exclusive access black, new clothes bag].
-Comes with three renewed painted face parts. (One of them is newly formed)
-Reproduced the ace suit based on the short stature Machinika body that Maki Asai reviewed and adjusted the balance of `shoulder width` toes`.
-In addition to various gears according to the other color, a newly formed `Deepavali` is included. You can play assuming various combat scenes.
-[Armed mode] equipped with special gears and [Elementary mode] without gears can be reproduced by replacing parts.
-A thruster effect for the flying pose and a muzzle flash effect for the shooting pose are included as clear parts.
-3mm diameter holes located on each part can be used with existing MSG series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series, and Hexa gear series weapons.
-Includes decals such as eyes and markings.