RG Crossbone Gundam X1

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- Overwhelming density feeling and color-coded reproduction!
- The 5th series of "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT" pursuing precision reproduction of the series while minimizing it!
- Comics [Mobile Suit] Crossbone · Gundam X1 appearing in Gundam is three-dimensionalized with RG!

- EVOLUTION POINT with 'Extreme detail' [ultimate precision reproduction] listed, while minimizing detail, gimmicks reproduced to the limit within 1/144 scale!
- Feel the highest peak 'condensation'!

- New advanced MS joints reproduces deformation and docking of core fighter as small MS.
- The head is reproduced in a detailed part composition, the shape of the Vulcan and Skull, the eye patch (selection formula) etc. are reproduced.
- Reproduce precisely up to the heat dissipation fin expansion gimmick of the jaw.
- Combine the beam number and buster gun into the buster. Color reproduction is reproduced to the limit.
- Knee Armor interlocking gimmick is also small but loaded.
- Characteristic cloaks and effect parts are reproduced with dynamic shaping.