MSG Weapon Unit Unit 21 Water Arms

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- Weapon Unit Renewal Project No. 8.

- We will completely renew some items from the long series which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the series.
- [Water Arms] will appear on behalf of [Weapon Unit 21 Harpoon Launcher].
- A weapon unit of a new axis that uses water-based weapons as a concept.
- Every part is color-coded and it is finished close to the image even by assembling it.

※ The image is clearly molded with clear blue, but the product will be colorless clear.

[Product specification]
- Pump action type rifle type can actually slide the pump part
- For the airbrush type, the hose part of the compressor is reproduced with a PVC tube.
- By using the attached attachment, it is possible to mount on a hard point with 3 mm hole open.

- Pump action type rifle type × 1
- Airbrush type × 1
- Compressor × 1
- 1 x PVC tube
- Attachment for mounting A × 2
- Attachment for mounting B × 1