Megami Device Wism Soldier Assault/Scout

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[Beauty Girl x Mechanic] New series [Megami Device] started!

-This is an assembled plastic model series that you can enjoy by attaching weapons and armor to the movable beautiful girl body.
-The body uses a newly designed body `Machinika` by Maki Asai!
-And the memorable first designer is Fumikane Shimada!
-A new figure Robo Battle will start with the strongest team!

-A convertible kit that contains 2 types of character head parts in one package.
-Each character comes with 3 types of pre-painted face parts for a total of 6 types of faces to enjoy.
-You can reproduce [arming mode] wearing mechanical armor and [body mode] without armor by replacing parts.
-With the amazing range of motion of the new body `Machinika`, you can naturally pose in a pose with a weapon or a sitting pose.
-Includes various weapon parts such as handgun, knife, scoop. You can play assuming various combat scenes.
-A backpack composed of multiple roll axes is also effective as a material for custom play.
-It is possible to use it together with existing MSG series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series armed with 3 mm diameter holes arranged in each part.
-Wrists made of PVC are for armament and body, 5 types each on the left and right, total of 10 types included. Armed with the existing MSG series, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series.
-Decals such as eyes and markings are included.

[What is Megami Device?]
-There is a self-supporting figure robot with a total height of 14 cm, and it is a plastic model series that is supposed to be a `near future battle hobby` that you can make, modify, and fight to enjoy the plastic model.
-Maki Asai, the leading figure of movable figures, has a newly designed body `Machinika` as the core, and various designers will deal with characters and mechanics.
-In the first stage, Mr. Fumikane Shimada, who has the highest popularity and achievements, is in charge of design. His attractive character and armed design that focuses on playability have become suitable for launching the series.
-The molding color is color-coded, and the face is painted by tampo printing, and just assembling will give a finish close to the image.
-By adopting a joint hole with a diameter of 3 mm, you can play with not only the compatibility of parts in the future series but also many Kotobuki plastic model parts already released.