Kotobukiya Megami Device Bullet Knight Lancer

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- [Bishoujo × Mechanic] series [Megami Device] latest work! Eleventh [BULLET KNIGHTS Lancer] !!

- It is an assembly type plastic model series which enjoy wearing weapons and armor on movable girl element body.
- Adopted a design elementary body `Masikika` by Mr. Maki Asai. Designer is responsible for Yasutaka Isse river!

[Accessory / Gimmick]
- Volume full long long and large shields are held by the arm extending from the back. As a further support base to support weapons is also included.
- You can replace the weapon and put the megami into [ride mode].
- You can play with various combat scenes assumed on the rear arm with many lances and movable shafts that can be divided into three.
- The tube extending from the back of the head uses a soft lead wire and it can flex freely.
- Metalic color marking and decals such as eyes are included.
- 3 types of painted face parts are included per character.
- You can reproduce the part with the part replaced by the [armored mode] with the knight as a motif and the [body mode] removed the armor.
- With the amazing movable range of `Machinika`, weapon-oriented poses and sitting poses naturally blur.
- It can be used with arming of existing MSG series, frame arm, Frame Arms · Girl Hexagia series by 3 mm diameter hole arranged in each part.

[What is Megami Device]
- A self-contained figure robot with a total height of 14 cm exists, this is a plastic model series assuming `battle hobby in the near future 'that can be made to enjoy the plastic model, remodel it, let it fight.
- Masaki Asai, the foremost figure of a moving figure, will be the core of the new design elementary body `machinika`, and various designers will deal with characters & mechanics.
- Molded colors are color-coded, the face has been painted by dandruff printing, and it is finished close to the image just by assembling it.
- By adopting a joint hole of 3 mm diameter, you can play with many of Kotobukiya plastic model parts already released, as well as part compatibility within the series.

- Prototype production: Maki Asai, Yasune, Unitech Co., Ltd.