Kotobukiya MSG Megami Device 01 Tops Set Skin Color D

Kotobukiya MSG Megami Device 01 Tops Set Skin Color D

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-[Bishoujo x Mechanic] series [Megami Device] has started a new support series! [Megami Device MSG 01 Tops Set] !!

-[Megami Device MSG] is a series that releases modeling support goods compatible with Megami Device.
――For the tops set, Maki Asai himself can reconstruct the upper body parts and modernize and renovate the existing Megami device to your liking.
--Black, skin color C, and skin color D are available.

--Balanced neck circumference
-Adjusted the line of the neck and shoulder blades and adjusted the matching with the head.
-Comes with multiple joints that allow you to fine-tune the position of the head.

--Miniaturized thorax
・ We changed the ratio with the body and pursued a tighter style.
-M size and S size chest parts are also included. -Two types of shoulder joints are included, and you can choose the shoulder width.
* The chest and chest can be combined with existing Megami parts.

-Comes with a new modeling neck joint (general purpose, for Shura body, for Shura armed, for FA girl).
-Comes with a newly compacted chest and shoulder blades.
-Shoulder joints come with two types, conventional ABS material and durable POM material. Includes small shoulder width (new modeling) and large shoulder width (existing size).
-Brace armor comes with two types, M size and S size.
--Skin color C is compatible with WISM Scout, Snipe, SOL Hornet, and BULLET KNIGHTS Lancer HELL BLAZE.
--Skin color D is compatible with BULLET KNIGHTS series (excluding HELL BLAZE).
* The above compatible products are as of December 2020.
* Some products may not be compatible. Please check the correspondence table separately.
* This product is a parts set for Megami Device. The main body is not completed only with this product.

--Prototype production: Maki Asai


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