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Special Appendix: [1/144 Meiles Kembu] Plastic Kit]
――This magazine's special kit that you can only get here !!
--From the October start animation [Boundary Fighter], the leading mecha [Kembu] is made into a plastic kit on 1/144 scale.
--You can get it before regular items!

[Top feature: The strongest technique that can only be done with an airbrush]
――There is also demand for nesting, and many people will introduce the airbrush system for the first time from last year.
――However, although it's good to get it, it's hard to fully demonstrate its performance ...
――Therefore, in the next issue, we will explain in detail a number of painting techniques that can only be done with an airbrush, including how to with the latest kit.
――This will greatly improve your airbrush tech!

[Attention series]
――Gundam model technique to make on the weekend
--Nomo Lab Kenichi Nomoto Modeling Laboratory
--Tony`s Heroine Works
――Monthly tool The entrance to the model is always from the tool.
--Chogokin Soul