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- Reproduce the third equipment of the narrative Gundam appearing in [Mobile Suit Gundam NT]!

- For the first production only, include a special brochure that looks back on [Mobile Suit Gundam NT]!

- C equipment of narrative Gundam is reproduced by new modeling parts.
- Reproduce the color coding of the core fighter and legs of the abdomen by part division. It wears a design that recalls Unicorn Gundam in its entire body.
- Be equipped with C equipment for the first time, beam rifle, shield set included psycho frame. In addition to the left and right grip hands, right hand parts for holding weapons are also included.
- Seal to reproduce the red twin eyes of NT-D invocation state is attached at battle in the colony.

Beam rifle × 1
· Shield × 1
· Beam · saber × 2

[Product content]
· Molded parts × 11
· Foil seal × 1
· Instruction manual × 1