HGUC 1/144 #117 Gouf Custom

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- Gouf masterpiece series [Gouf] appeared in the HGUC series!
- The biggest feature is the extensive armament Gouf 1 / 144 scale is also included!
- Hitoroddo ... Hitoroddo reproduce the lead, after the tip deployment comes before deployment.
Three twin 35mm Gatling gun · 75mm Gatling gun
- Hitosaberu
- Shield reproduce complex split!
* The shield can be removable from the twin 3 35mm Gatling gun.
- Hitosaberu is removable to allow Gatoringushirudo.
· 75mm Gatling gun and shield sets reproduce the splitting of the street.
- Comes with plenty hand parts
In addition to the grip of a fist, fist expressive (left) and palm (right) is included.
- Pipe materials used soft power of the waist belt fed ammunition is both easy to assemble and reproduce complex shapes using a soft material.
After mono eye - can be assembled by moving parts division.

- Accessories: Hitoroddo, Hitosaberu, shielded, 75mm Gatling gun,
3 35mm twin Gatling gun, for the fist grip (left), fist (right), palm (right)