HGBF Gya Eastern Weapons

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- Appeared part of a hand-held weapons from the center build custom series!

- Other large rifle that comes with [HGBF ZZII], comes with a clay bazooka of the new shape!
[HGBF ZZII] other rifle parts that do not come with the, comes with both the Z-based aircraft compatibility good rifle (small) is in the new shape!

- [HGBF Gann slot] further extend the play value of large lance that comes in!
It comes with the extended parts for Lance! If Tsukekaere the tip, can be customized in a variety of variations!

- The contents of a set of enhancement enjoy customized with other conventional products!
So far HGBF Series and, HGUC series other, it is possible to enjoy a customized with conventional products! Custom parts the width of the play is spread!

- Accessories: rifle (small), rifle (large), Lance