God Hand

God Hand Drill Blade GH-DBB-1-25

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This set of impressive drill blades from GodHand boasts the ability to create smooth holes where even where other drill blades leave rough surfaces! Intended for use with pin vices.

Includes one each of the following size blades:





All blades feature a 3.0mm thick base.

- Digit quickly without laterally shifting!

- pin vise [3 mm] special blade

- [Blade type] appears in the bit series!

- Even if the shape of the cutting edge like an arrow feather is curved, it is hard to shake!

- Even with curved surfaces that are difficult to slide with ordinary drills, you can carve without slipping from the stabbed position!

- Four types of diameter 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 mm!