Frame Arms Girl Zelfikar

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- Kotobukiya original robot contents [Frame Arms] spin-off series [Frame Arms · Girl] The latest work is [Zelfikar]!

- Yanase Noriyuki Finally made frame arms [Zelfikar] by design based on the illustration that Mr. Fumikane Shimada turned into a beautiful girl!

[Product Details]
· Right arm weapon [prototype type light wave ejector] and left arm weapon [anti-shield system] are included as special equipment.
· Replace the armor of [ZEROFIECAR] and reproduce the [BLAST SHIELD] condition.
· Blast shield base can also be used as armed.
· A newly designed blade section is added for the segment rifle.
· A special strut is included.
· The body has renewed its head, face parts, hair part, chest armor, buttocks by new modeling.
· Three kinds of facial parts included. (Smiling face to face left, look downward facing front, face facing crying face)
· Since the three facial parts are already painted, it will be finished closer to the setting even just by assembling it.
· By attaching tail parts etc., bunny girl form can be reproduced.
- Added a movable axis to the left and right arm parts of the back frame, and left and right independent movement became possible.
· The hip jointly reviewed the hip joint of [Bazellardo], making balance of the movable range and the appearance compatible.
- By adopting axially movable spherical joints on the wrist, expressive posing is possible.
· 6 types of wrist made from PVC are included on each side.
The wrist can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms / Girl series including joints.
· Decals such as eyes and facial expressions are included.
· By replacing some parts, full body condition can be reproduced from body condition.
- Arm of the FA bazierardd to the shoulder and others Arm extension parts which can connect the parts of the frame arm series are included.
· It is possible to use arms of the existing MSG series and the frame arm series in combination with the hole of 3 mm diameter placed on the arm and foot.
* Since hair parts of [Bazellardo] are not included, it can not be used in the head of the Bergerard state.