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-The color of the armor (bikini armor part) of [Dragon Orthosis <Agit>] and [Freswerk-Rufs] is a metallic red molding color.
-Many equipment states can be reproduced by combining parts.
-The included [Dragon Orthosis <Agito>] is combined with the [Ryuthia <Rubi]> sold separately [Ryuthia <Ryubi>] to become the Guardian Dragon [Drago Mode]. [Dragon orthosis <Agito>] mainly constitutes the head of the dragon.
-The frame parts that make up the body part of Drago mode adopt [Hexagram system] corresponding to the Hexa gear series and are compatible with various parts.
-Dragon cannon (Dragon Cannon) can be displayed in different parts when storing and unfolding the grip, and the installation position can be changed as desired. A dedicated foregrip part is also included and can be held by both hands. The barrel part can be folded into storage.
-Ssangyong sword (twin blade) uses a lead wire at the bottom of the grip, and can be freely expressed using a knife at the tip.
-As for the tortoise (shield fang), you can remove the special parts and attach the dragon gun, and you can play with a movable grip.
-Three facial expression parts are included: [Normal face front] [Normal face right] [Laughter face left] and one face without tampo printing.
-Armed with 2 blades.
-In addition to the [Chinese Signon Twintail], which is a characteristic of [Freswerk-Rufs], the hairstyle comes with [Freswerk Bikini Armor Ver.] As a bonus part.
-[Freswerk Bikini Armor Ver.] Bangs part comes with 3 types of normal / hidden (right / left) and is compatible with [Freswerk-Rufs] [Freswerk (sold separately)] bangs.
-Includes lumbar joint for 3mm diameter shaft.
-Wide range of movement is realized by the pull-out type shoulder joint and the movable axis of the upper arm.
-A wide range of movement is realized by using the slide movement of the hip joint.
-The wrist can be moved to expressive poses by using a spherically movable ball joint.
-PVC wrist is included on each side. The wrist can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms Girl series, including the joints.
-Includes decals such as eyes and facial expressions.
-The existing arm of MSG series and Frame Arms series can be used together with 3mm diameter holes placed on the arms and legs.

[What is Frame Arms Girl]
-Frame Arms Girl is a spin-off series in which each aircraft of Kotobukiya's original robot content [Frame Arms] is made into a beautiful girl.
-Color-coded molding colors and tampo-printed face parts can be completed even if assembled without painting.
-With the 3mm diameter holes and PVC wrists that are the features of Frame Arms, it is possible to use a huge number of MSG weapon unit series, frame arms series weapons and exterior.
-Compatibility of the head, arms, legs, etc. with each frame arm girl that will be released in the future is also secured, so you can customize your own frame arm girl.