Frame Arms Girl Gourai-Kai Ver.2

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- [Rampo] is a large update to [Launch Mae Ver.2]!

- Kotobukiya Original Robot Contents, Frame Arms · Girl 's Raiden] has been updated on a large scale to [Launch Mae Ver.2] and commercialized!
- Moveability and extensibility have been greatly improved.
- Yasuyuki Yanase Designed by Frame Arms Raizen Reform based on illustrations by Mr. Fumikane Shimada turned into a beautiful girl!

[Product specification]
- Significantly improved the range of motion around hip joints, thighs and skirts.
- You can add a drawer joint inside the shoe parts and tilt the snare more.
- Peach armor slidable up and down, movable range expanded.
- Includes 3 kinds of newly shaped facial parts with different painted gaze. (Front facing face, right facing face, redeeming face)
- [Raido] state can also be reproduced.
- In addition to the regular version, the thorax armor comes with 4 types of optional parts totaling a thunderstorm (medium size, large size) and for roaring thunder (medium size / large size).
- 5 types of new wrist of spherical joint version made from PVC are attached to each side.
- Parts corresponding to 3 mm diameter are attached to the head, parts with 3 mm diameter convex shaft - 3 mm diameter can be expanded are attached to the chest.
- Back cannon can be selected for left and right by moving the base sliding.
- Caterpillar added details detailing the 10 type tank.
- A knife with a holder with a 3 mm diameter convex shaft is attached.
- Decals such as pupils and markings are included.
- For PVC wrist, it is possible to have arms of existing MSG series, frame arm series.
- Combined use of arms of existing MSG series and Frame Arms series is possible by 3 mm diameter hole arranged on arm and foot.

- Prototype production: Yasutoshi Shimizu, Yasuhiro Imai, Katsuhiko Hori