Figure-rise Burst - Athrun Zala

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- Bringing together the Gundam of technology, further evolved Advance de MS joint of RG in the Layered injection], realizing the threat of character reproducibility.

- The figures rise bust? ... Elaborate character of easy to make new plastic model series a bust. After you have created is not only decorate as interior, more attractive to display can be decorated, such as the Gundam of special-purpose machine.
- The first installment is [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED] than appeared Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala!

- Reproduce the natural texture just molding color
Face, matte in the hair part, reproduced Tsuyayu the pupil parts, realistic texture by changing the respective gloss and Hantsuya to clothes part in molding color !!

- Gundam's first new technology Layered injection
The pupil of the anime of the color-coded unique and sophisticated design, reproduced by insert molding the four colors in one part of the Gundam's first. Quality does not change the figure only by combining the parts, anyone can reproduce.

- Of a new Gundam display style
By arranging a dedicated machine, even the world of animation can be reproduced to display! It produces the play value of the new Gundam!