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HiQ Parts Precut Dot/Digital Camouflage Masking (3pcs)

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Approximately 144 x 230 mm

Pre-cut masking sticker for dot camouflage painting

This product is a masking sticker for painting camouflage patterns. Since it is cut into the required shape in advance, you
can apply camouflage by painting according to the procedure.
Comes with an instruction manual that describes the painting procedure and points to use it well.
We also introduce examples of camouflage painting using commercially available paint.
Dot camouflage, also called pixel camouflage or digital camouflage, is a camouflage pattern consisting of a collection of fine squares.

Not suitable for round mecha!

The dot camouflage pattern is not suitable for round mechas. Cloud camouflage and other camouflage patterns are recommended
because the pattern sequence is likely to break when pasted on a curved surface or spherical surface.

3 size lineup

There is no scale specification. Select according to the size of the object you want to paint by referring to the figure or the pattern on the package card.
If you want to paint a large area, a large size such as L size is suitable.