Trinity Hobby Anniversary + Giveaway

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Trinity Hobby Anniversary + Giveaway


Use the following codes:

HBD10 10% off your entire order
HBD13 13% off your entire order over $100 cad
HBD15 15% off your entire order over $200 cad



Raffle will end Aug 31st 2021. Winners will be drawn within a week. (Contest valid for customers within Canada/USA.)

Ways to earn raffle tickets:

1. Every order over $50 cad (subtotal after discount) will be eligible for 1 raffle ticket. (You earn 1 raffle ticket per $50 cad)

2. Gain Entries by performing the following tasks: Click here!!!

Each Task is worth 1 Raffle ticket:

- Like Us on Facebook
- Follow us on Instagram

- Follow us on Twitter

- Give us a review

- Refer a friend Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Pinterest, email)

3. Buy an Anniversary Mystery Box:

Earn 1 ticket for the order over $50 + an additional 2 for each mystery box purchase.

Prize Pool currently over $850 cad total value.

Grand Prize: MGEX Unicorn Ver ka

Other prizes: 

- Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hresvelg-ater Summer Vacation

- MS General Guan Yu: 

- Full Mechanics Gundam Vidar

- RG rx-78 GP01

- Madwork Nippers:

- MG RX-78-2 Gundam (Ver 3.0)

- HG Core Gundam + Veetwo Unit