1/10 Madoka Yuki High School / Sousai Shoko Teien

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Sousai Shojo Teien Series Figure Kit

[Kotobukiya x Illustrator [En Morikura]]
-Introducing the first character, Madoka Yuki, from the ordinary girl plastic model series "Sosai Shojo Garden" with the theme of "creating".
-The character drawn by Mr. En Morikura, an illustrator who is widely used in Japan and abroad, has been made into a three-dimensional assembling plastic model!
-The number of parts is modest so that even a first time plastic model can be assembled. You can enjoy the finish close to the image just by assembling it! *A tool such as a nipper is required for assembly.
-The first in a new series full of highlights, including 4 types of painted facial parts, 3 types of hairstyle parts that you can arrange your hairstyle depending on the mood of the day, and 3 types of skirt parts with different shapes!

<< sticking point! 》

[Facial parts: painted type/unpainted type]
-Four facial expressions are included. Characters can be expressed lively by changing the poses and scenes.
-In addition, unpainted facial expressions and water transfer facial decals are included in the set contents, so you can customize it to your liking to create more free expressions!

[Water transfer facial expression decal]
-For those who want to paint and finish, [Unpainted expression parts] and [Water transfer expression decal] are included.
-Decal contents are prepared for each of the 4 facial expressions: [front facing] [right facing] [left facing].

[3 hairstyles]
-We have prepared 3 types of parts: [long hair (normal)] [pony tail] [twin tail (regular)] so that you can arrange your hair according to the mood of the day!
-Three bangs parts are also included, so it is a luxurious specification that you can play three types of hairstyles without replacement.

[3 types of skirt parts]
-The skirt parts can be beautifully decorated like a fixed figure by using three different shapes. In addition to the [normal type] that is used for the basic standing figure, the [naviki type] that is ideal for moving poses,
-And since there is a [seating type] to sit on a chair, you can decorate the character in a wide variety of situations. * When using a sitting skirt, use special parts for the thighs.

[Wrist parts with 6 different expressions]
-We have prepared 6 types of wrist parts for the left and right, which are particular about the `finger gestures` that are important for making girls look cute!
-In addition to the accessories included, you can also play with optional parts.

[Display base]
-The jigsaw puzzle-based `pop` base can support poses such as standing on one foot.
-Because the pedestal parts can be combined, you can collect a lot and connect them!

-The ball joint on the neck has a diameter of 5 mm, so you can play with the [Frame Arms Girl] head, which is sold separately.
-More! A 6 mm diameter neck part is also included to replace the [Megami Device] head, so you can play beyond the boundaries of the series. *Not all products are fully compatible due to shape restrictions.

・1) Madoka Yuki main unit x 1 set
・2) Facial parts (painted type) [smile] [surprised face] [shined face] [angry face] x 1 each
・3) Facial parts (unpainted type) [smile] [surprised face] [shined face] [angry face] x 1 each
・4) 3 hair style parts [long hair (normal)] [pony tail] [twin tail (regular)] x 1 set each
・5) 3 types of skirt parts [Normal type] [Nabiki type] [Seating type] x 1 each *When using the sitting type, use special thigh parts.
・6) Wrist parts 6 types [Holding hand (normal)] [Holding hand (narrow)] [Holding hand (wide)] [Grip hand] [Open hand] [Peace sign] x left and right
・7) Smartphone [A type] [B type] x 1 each
・8) School bag x 1 set
・9) Display base x 1 set
・10) 6mm diameter neck parts for Megami device x 1
・11) Water transfer facial expression decal x 1