Mg Banshee Norn Final Battle (Limited)

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn)" 'episode 7', Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshi Norn of Green Psycho Frame,

Commercialized with MG (master grade) as final battle ver.

● Green psycho frame is reproduced by clear molding!

- MG original marking also comes with new color!

    MG original marking of a new color comes with a water transfer decal.

- Equipped with Banshi Norn special equipment!

  "Armed Armor XC"

  Features a high-power backpack unit Armedo Armor XC that transforms into a shape that recalls 'lion's mane'.

   Armed Armor DE and beam · magnum can be mounted.

  "Armed Armor DE"

   Distinctive Armed Armor DE is included.

   It can be expanded to the shape in each mode. Besides being equipped on the arm as a shield, it can mount on the back.

"Revolving · Launcher"

Four-unit grenade launcher 'revolving launcher' with rotary magazine attached to the bottom of the beam · magnum is included.

Beam effect of beam Jutte reproduces the beam emitted from the tip.

The revolving launcher comes with a spare magazine and can be carried on the waist.


● Destroy mode, unicorn mode can be transformed.


- The same scale figure of Lyddy Mercenas is attached (standing / sitting).


Armed with Armed Armor XC / Armed Armor DE / Beam Magnum / Revolving Launcher /

Beam · saber