Frame Arms Girl Stylet XF-3

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 Face parts 2 type. [Image Illustration compliant design] one and, [smile face frontal] in a separate design, [smile face right], comes with three kinds of a total of four kinds of [shouting face left.
- Face parts will finish close to the setting alone was assembled because painted a.
- Japanese sword as an accessory weapon, Gatling gun, hand missile is included.
- Male shaft with grip 3mm diameter for use in holding the MSG like two suppliers.
- Wrist made of PVC is left and right, respectively five included.
- It comes with a left arm and left leg, which can reproduce the image illustrations. (Elbow, knee joint is not moving.)
- Pupil, the decals, such as marking included.
- Knee armor, by sliding a movable, it trimmed the line of the leg.
- Skirt is moving, expanding the range of movement of the leg.
- The wheels of the heel is moving up and down, you will be increase the ground resistance.
- Base of accessories is possible for moving the connection part up and down.
- Back, hip, existing MSG series by the hole of 3mm diameter which are arranged such as to the calf, can be used in combination of armed frame Arms series.
Life is too short to live without the Frame Arms Girl Stylet XF-3. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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