Frame Arms Girl Materia Normal Ver.

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- Spin-out series [frame Arms Girl] latest in Kotobukiya original robot content [Frame Arms] is [Materia Normal Ver.]!
- Shimada Fumikane Mr. the mechanical design by Yanase Noriyuki Mr. design I was three-dimensional on the basis of the illustrations were beautiful girl of!

- This is the commercialization of the position as a [body] of the frame Arms Girl.
- Face parts [laughing face facing front], [laughing face right], it comes with three kinds of [smile face left.
- Face parts you will finish close to the set just pumped because painted a.
- Hip joint of the swing moving, and by making the combination a slide movable hip joint, provide a wide range of mobile enough physical education sitting is possible.
- Wrist can be expressive poses by adopting the axis moveable sphere joint.
- Five included wrist made of PVC, each left and right.
Wrist, including the joint, you can wrist and recombination of existing frame Arms Girl series.
- Decals, such as pupil comes.
- Arms, adding a 3mm hole by replacing the parts for joint the thigh armor, capable of existing MSG series, a combination of armed frame Arms series.