Frame Arms Girl Gorai Type 10 Ver. [With Little Armory] (Limited)

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- A spin-off series [frame Arms Girl] frame Arms Todorokikaminari by Mr. Noriyuki Yanase design of Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms], Mr. Shimada Fumikane reblogged three-dimensional on the basis of the illustrations were beautiful girl of.
- The roar thunder, Kara was the image of the Ground Self-Defense Force type 10 is a motif of Todorokikaminari - appeared in the ring!
- Camouflage is reproduced by the combination of the molded parts by the interpretation of Mr. Shimada Fumikane.
- You can what reproduce the distinctive camouflage in Motogumi state.
- Box picture is the luxury package of drawn by Mr. Shimada Fumikane.
- And further [frame Arms Girl × LittleArmory] collaboration novel molding color of Tommy Tech Co., Ltd. as a benefit [LittleArmory 89 formula 5.56mm rifle type] is included.