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Da Vinci MICRO-MAESTRO Series 100, Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair, Size:-20

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Da Vinci Micro Maestro brushes are designed for marking fine, exact detail. They are made from high-quality Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair. They provide excellent handling and the short black polished handles are designed to have a good grip and to prevent rolling. They have silver belly bands at the edge of the ferrule so you can locate the correct brush quickly.

These brushes are ideal for miniature, table-top and micro painting. They are also great for fine detail: highlights, fur, hair and other intricate textures.

For years da Vinci has tried to offer many of their specialized customers smaller brush sizes with an especially designed short handle for good grip and fine detail work, which will not roll away. They have now succeeded with this new brush line for all types of miniature, table-top and micro painting.