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CJ Hobby MG RX-93 Nu Gundam ver. KA Metal Parts Set (Stainless Steel)

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■ The kit content includes:  
01. 2 head Vulcan cannons   
02. 4 shoulder vents  
03. 4 shoulder joint screw covers  
04. 4 screw covers for arm elbow joints  
05. 4 vents on the arm  
06. 4 backpack spouts 
07. 2 air holes on the back skirt  
08. 2 back skirt screws 
09. 4 hydraulic pipes for legs  
10. 4 knee screws  
11. 4 spouts on the legs 
12. 4 pieces of leg joint screw cover 
13. 2 foot spouts 
14. 30 detail screws 
15. 50 detail modification beads  
Tools needed for installation: hand drill, drill bit (1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm), glue (502 or other universal glue), tweezers, lighter. Note: The kit does not contain tools and model body, please pay attention.
■ Matters needing attention:
1. The installation of this set of metal parts requires certain experience in model making and transformation. If there is anything you don't understand in the production, please consult customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
2. When installing the head Vulcan gun, the hole must be enlarged with a 1.8mm diameter drill bit to install the Vulcan gun.
3. Installation method of foot spout: Open a hole (1.5mm in diameter) on the cylindrical rubber pellet, install the combined spout in the hole, fix it with 502, then put on a square tube, and then install it on the model. . Foot spout installation method 2: Open a hole (diameter 1.5mm) in the middle of the original foot spout and insert the combined spout into the hole.